Sea World

Visitors are finding the biggest thrills in Orlando in the most unlikely of places. With the introduction of a new record-breaking roller coaster, SeaWorld has become the new place for excitement in Orlando.

The newest thrill is Kraken, a monster of a ride that has the distinction of being the fastest, tallest and longest roller coaster in town. Kraken sends riders 15-stories in the air to plunge toward earth at speeds of 65 mph and upside down seven times. in open-sided seats without a floor.

SeaWorld Orlando burst onto the thrill ride scene in 1998, when the adventure park opened Journey to Atlantis, a water-coaster ride through the mysterious lost city. Journey to Atlantis was chosen by Disney’s Adventure magazine as one the nation’s scariest thrill rides and by USA Today as one of the nation’s top five attractions for 1998.

Riding in eight-passenger fishing boats, riders encounter mythical spirits and pulse-pounding spills, including two of the steepest, wettest, fastest drops to be found at any theme park in the world. It is the first attraction in the world to combine the hair-raising adventure of a high-speed water ride and a careening roller coaster with out-of-this world special effects and colorful characters.


SeaWorld provides visitors with additional adventures with their spectacular world-class shows and up-close animal encounters. At the world-famous “Shamu Adventure,” visitors may opt to sit in the stadium’s “Soak Zone,” where Shamu enthusiastically drenches the audience by sending hundreds of gallons of water toward the audience using his massive tail and fins. “Cirque de la Mer,” another recent addition to SeaWorld’s spectacular shows, astonishes guests with its new-age athletic performers and aerial stunts, fire dancing and colorful lasers.

If you wish to have a more intimate look at sealife, just look next door to Discovery Cove. Swimming with dolphins is the centerpiece of a daylong adventure in this exotic tropical oasis. You can also snorkel with thousands of tropical fish, explore underwater shipwrecks and mysterious grottos, and lazily swim down a tropical river with waterfalls and a freshwater lagoon. Interacting with a bottlenose dolphin at Discovery Cove is just one of severl experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.