Disney World Area Accommodation

Make A List

Making a list of what to pack in advance is a big help. Ideas may come to you over time and you will have to add on to the list. Go over the list when you pack your bag to make sure you have packed everything. This will help avoid having to shop for those items that just did not get in your bag before you left home. You may also want a separate to do list for preparations to be made for the house. For safety in the home, you may wish to turn off the water or unplug electrical items not in use. For security, you may want to stop your mail and/or paper delivery, use timers on lights, and schedule a friend to check in on things from time to time.

Items To Pack:

What to pack depends on the season. Orlando, not to mention Disney World, can get very hot in the summer and dip into the 40’s (and occasionally even the 30’s) during the winter. So packing for the season is crucial for ones comfort. Rain gear is needed particularly in the summer months. A poncho at the parks can cost you up to $9.

Here Are Some Suggestions:

– Sunglasses, Eyeglasses and Contacts with solutions etc…
– Sun Block, Bug Repellent, Aloe, Lip Balm
– Medications, Aspirins, Antacids etc…
– Medical Insurance Cards. Chewing Gum
– ID’s / Driver License and proof insurance
– Cameras, Chargers, Batteries and Film
– Cell Phones, Pager or Two-Way Radios
– Small First Aid kit. Your address book or PDA
– Baby supplies (even if the kids are older, baby wipes are a must have!). Combs, Brushes, Deodorant, Hair Spray/Gel, Cosmetics and other personal care products. (check with your resort to see if they offer in room amenities like hair dryers etc…)
– Clothing (once again consider the season you are traveling in)
– Bathing Suits, Beach Towels
– Ziploc bags (big and small), you laugh now but you will soon find out just how useful they become!
– Toys, Cards and various entertainment for all
– Flashlight with good batteries
– A tote or something to carry various items into the parks
– Laundry Soap and various other laundry supplies, depending on length of stay
– Pocket binoculars
– Rain gear
– Your most comfortable shoes and beach sandals
– Small soft sided cooler (for snacks etc…)
– Empty water bottles… fill and freeze them in your room for your cooler!